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Our Rooms

We have two main rooms at Padstow Play N Learn. Our toddlers start in the Burumin room and grow into big Garrawi's before heading off to 'big school'

aboriginal possum.jpg

Burumin Room: Ages 12 months - 36 months

Educators: Miss Jodie, Miss Lorelle, Miss Jacqui


Burumin is the Aboriginal word for Possum and this name represents our 12-36 month old children. Our toddlers are still learning the social skills necessary for active participation in groups and play. A strong focus in this room is modelling how to play appropriately and safely with toys and other children. Children wander around the room, with the opportunity to explore different areas and choose their own activities off the shelf. Educators are heavily involved in the children's play, reading the children stories, dressing up with them, helping to construct train tracks and living by the motto 'mess is fun.'

It is in this room that children form a strong sense of belonging as they develop strong bonds with their educators and learn to separate from their families in the morning confidently.

aboriginal cockatoo.jpg

Garrawi Room: Ages 3-6

Educators: Miss Mel, Miss Victoria, Miss Nadia


Garrawi is the Aboriginal word for Cockatoo and this name represents our preschool aged children. Most of the Garrawi children spend two years in this room prior to going to 'big school.' It is in this room that reciprocal friendships are formed and children are able to initiate and join in comprehensive play experiences requiring cooperativeness and sharing. A big focus in the Gawarri room is self-help skills and independence with the children often being encouraged 'try once yourself before asking for help.'

We run a school readiness program encompassing these skills, along with basic pre-maths and pre-literacy learning through play. Our curriculum is delivered by a children-run program where activities are selected by the children each day and skills and learning are incorporated into their interests.

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