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Munch and Move

Padstow Play N Learn supports the Munch & Move initiative and it is imbedded in our everyday service delivery.

What is Munch & Move?

Munch & Move is a program to support healthy habits and environments in early childhood education and care services across NSW. Munch & Move assists educators to implement a fun, play-based approach to healthy eating and physical activity with young children. The Munch & Move program fits within the early childhood education and care sector's National Quality Framework.

Munch & Move is an initiative of the NSW Ministry of Health and Local Health Districts, in partnership with early childhood education and care services.

What does Munch & Move look like in action at Padstow Play N Learn?

Our 'Munch' times throughout the day are morning tea, lunch and afternoon. We provide healthy snacks for tea breaks and share information with families on healthy lunchboxes. We do this by displaying information on our fridge, verbal discussions with both children and their families, role modelling healthy eating habits when we eat lunch with the children and providing healthy recipes and lunch box ideas in our monthly newsletters.

Each afternoon we have a 'Move' time that is child led and interest based. During this half hour, children warm up, participate in a physical activity and then cool down. During our cool down process we engage in meaningful discussions with the children about 'Munching & Moving' each day and how to keep our bodies and our minds healthy.

We have a 'Water only' policy for our children's drink bottles and encourage plenty of water breaks throughout the day.

What key messages are we teaching young children when we implement Munch & Move?



This information has been derived from the Healthy Kids Website. For more information visit:

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